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letra de nun 2 a female - eva noxious


peel ya cap back
then i spit like this
first, you groupies ain’t sh-t but hoes for these tricks
i see you hate me but you love me you been riding my d-ck
i give a f-ck about a puta and a punk ass kid
you just a skinny lil goofy
easy to break ya ass in two
stomp on ya, do the boogie
how you from the jungles but ya momma raised a p-ssy?
funny that you don’t like my face, your dad would surely f-ck it
ya bet your ass he’s cummin’
ima a badass mothaf-cka with the rap you can’t deny it
all of these foos talkin’ like some viejas from el valle
i’m known to get violent, if your girl acts sl!ck
i been fighting all my life, i ain’t scared of sh-t
tuck a knife inside my pocket in case these b-tches jump in
and if a man’s up in the mix, ima have to start dumpin’
betta get to ducking’
bet the vato start runnin’
‘cause he’s hard on a female but never step up to a man