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letra de my sweet satan - eternal dirge


burn within me, pleasures
fees my empty mind
strengthen my desire
my perfect queen of night

and i’m receiving more
than i bargained for
dedication everymore
to the order of the sore

my own satan
oh sweet satan
say you love satan
my own sweet satan

every man
and every woman is a star [al 1, 3]
thou hast the right
to do thy will
none shall say nay [al 1, 42-3]
slaves shall serve
love is the law, love under will [al 1, 57]

thrown onto this world
so unknown and unreal
and no-one seems to share
the emptiness i feel

deep within my heart
the flame of prometheus burns
and i will swim against the tide
until it turns!

thou shalt not lead my way of life
ride my soul onthrough the night.

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