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letra de 2000 - esteban andres


petrichor’s in the air
droplets on my window pane
seeing you leave again
it’s nothing new, french call it déjà vu
lost my head again
where would i be if i was my brain?
sitting in a grey sweatshirt
am i high enough?
to explain my feelings to them

when i was four they called me strange
but by high school they said i wasn’t straight
could you just let me exhale
cause i’ve been myself since 2002

cause everyone cares too much
about your history and last girl you f-cked
cause society is corrupt
they seem to care more ‘bout kylie jenner’s b-tt
than on the death toll and the homeless young
have we gone mad d-mn they elected trump
just be yourself
just be yourself
and change the world for the better
just be yourself
just be your
just be your