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letra de 100k - eric heron & poetics


verse (eric heron):

i put in the hours i swear i’m 100k in
miss me if you checkin out and sleeping like a days in
i be like ye in 09 i feel amazing
yeah i feel amazing
lets get back to basics
you ain’t see the movement i suggest you get some lasik
i ain’t with the politicking i don’t need your playlist
look at all the fans with me we all on the same script
this is how the story goes my team on the same myth
but i ain’t doubt it though
the legend very evident they gotta crown it bro
but i dont mean no offense
i gotta heart that’s been hard and i been on the fence
ain’t no defense for me
i don’t do this for the money ain’t no benz for me
i dont listen to the dummy’s when they fend for me
i just eat beats yummy when they send for me
a hundred 10 for me
i ain’t stopping til i got it all
ain’t talking money though not at all
i been searching for god in all
the wrong places can’t buy it all
now thats 100, k
thats a 100k
thats a 100k
thats a 100k
thats a 100k