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letra de what i almost was - eric church


it was my senior year
i just turned eighteen
i was a friday night hero, with division one dreams
i had an offer on the table
a four year ride
’til that fourth and two and twenty four dive
i left on a stretcher, wound up on a crutch
walked on that next summer
wound up getting cut
flipped off that coach, left that school in the dust
for letting my dreams go bust
but i thank god i ain’t what i almost was

yea, i moved on back home
and came awful close to being some son-in-law to some ceo
coulda been a corner office, country club, suit and tie man
answerin’ to no one, but her and him
i ran out on his money, ran out on her love
at four in the morning i loaded my truck
i left my home town in a big cloud of dust
i just had to follow my gut
and i thank god i ain’t what i almost was

in guitar town i bought this old epiphone
started stringin’ chords and words into songs
i’ve been putting in time on sixteenth avenue
pouring out my heart for tips on a stool
i ain’t making a killing, but then there’s those nights
when the song comes together and hits ’em just right
the crowds on their feet cause they can’t get enough
of this music i make and i love
and i thank god i ain’t, yea i thank god i ain’t,
man i thank god i ain’t, what i almost was