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letra de making of 'quietus' - epica


“quietus” was the first “consign to oblivion” song we played live, which was at the graspop festival in belgium

as you can hear, this pre-production recording contains drums, guitars and synthesizers. the drums i played on my synthesizer again. also, the guitars were recorded at my studio. and mark, coen and yves did the synthesizer recording in their studio

probably the first thing that you’ll notice is the sound of the intro, which isn’t that folk as you can hear on the cd. the reason for this is that it was miro who came up with this idea, while we werе in the studio. for the ones who don’t know who miro is, hе also works in the gate studio, and he usually takes care of the orchestral arrangements and sound building. we thought it really sounded cool, so we used it

the second thing you’ll probably notice are the whispering parts in the pre-chorus, which were done by mark. in my opinion, this was a very cool idea, but not everyone agreed to it, so unfortunately, it didn’t make it to the cd
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