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letra de breakfast – end (star)


[verse: end-]
n-gg-s on the run huh; chase them n-gg-s wit a hummer
soundcloud rappers on the come up
50 celcius we living in the summer
trap hi hats, who the f-ck is this drummer
flow smooth as b-tter
y’all sh-t is utter trash
y’all n-gg-s ain’t got cash
y’all n-gg-s dine and dash, forreal
i’m too busy trynna make a mill
me and my n-gg-s pull up in i8 vehicle
f-cked the brains out an emo hoe
she call out my name like i’m abel
ain’t got a tv, f-ck cable
ain’t got a deal, f-ck label
n-gg-s playing trash give me the aux cable
dumb f-ckboys be flexing they xannies
play round with kid sh-t they nannies
overdose on a couple like grannies
that n-gg- quagmire go giggity giggity
i don’t p-ss my weed, no splitt-ty splitt-ty
rob a n-gg-‘s sh-t no biggity biggity
f-ck on a b-tch she got a big t-tty, big t-tty
ice in the safe no b-tch can steal from me
n-gg-s rapping starting to choke
d-ck so hard, gave a b-tch a stroke
f-ck pepsi, i sip on diet c-ke
i’m not a n-gg- you want to provoke
run up on a n-gg- if he want some smoke
snort a line of c-ke, boy this ain’t no joke
and i ain’t no saint
she saw my d-ck, b-tch started to faint
b-tch i know i’m late
making art but i’m not boutta paint
p-ssy -ss cop put on a restaraint
n-gg- square up im 225
on top of the world
what a time to be alive
a$ap mob cause i always strive
cop a i8 and i can’t even drive
me and my guys equate to five and i ain’t talking about the burger spot
but me and the gang 20 thou we fill up the whole parking lot
b-tches flexing my ice after 1 night i ain’t talking bout the yacht
new freezer calling big shots
snorting c-ke in the prison cell and we ain’t get caught
y’all n-gg-s thought i was done
came back like the moon and the son
i ain’t drake, i ain’t got a son
always come out number one
i’m aziz, not the master of none
go to church just to f-ck on a nun
don’t drink sprite without a lil summn
i’m a g*nius don’t need no pun
n-gg- testing his luck might have to pull out a gun
i do this sh-t for fun
this sh-t a marathon but i do not run