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letra de kalewenaik (proverbs) - emmy kosgei


kaas mwautikap solomon (listen to the wisdom of solomon)
kass che kimwa nebo keny (hear the elder’s proverbs )

kigile ngosamis murian kobo got nebo (it is said that a rat stinks, but it has its own home)
hiye hoh ye x3
kigile marorien chi kelda nebo chi (it is said that you do not laugh about others’ t–th)
hiye hoh ye x3

waachei mising’ ng’omnatet eng’ oret (listen closely to the wisdom calling in the streets)
ng’alali eng’ ole baroen (that speaks in the market places)
kuursei eng’ nganaso (that calls out at the city gates)
eng’ ortinwek ak eng’ ormarichok (and whenever people come together)
kass oh! eh biit oh (listen! heed these words)

sasei ne berber ng’omnatet, eh biit oh (fools despise wisdom and instruction, heed these words)
werinnyu, epchi it konetisietab kwandang’ung’ (my son, listen to your father’s instructions)
amemete ng’atutietab komet (and do not forsake your mother’s teachings)
kimwa kwon’bo lemuel (so says the father of lemuel)


irue ne tya chorirenoni? (how long will you lie down, o lazy one?)
ing’eete au eng’ ruon? (when will you arise from your sleep?)
ruondo kitigin, kanuuget kitigin (a little sleep, a little slumber)
nametab eunek kitigin (a little of folding of the hands)
asi konyo ruon (that sleep may come)
konyo anyun banandang’ ko u rebin (then poverty will come upon you like a robber)
konyo ko u chito ne tinyei karik (like an armed man)
ui oldab birechik asi ng’omen tuwai (go to the ant and learn their ways)
matinyei kiruogin, ama namei kemei, kass oh (which having no chief, gathers its food)
matinyei ko ya kiim, ak matinyei bounin (they have neither an overseer nor a ruler)
konorjingei amitwogik eng kemei, kass oh (yet they prepare/store their food in times of plenty)

manyoljin laitoriat koye maiyek (it is not for kings to drink wine)
manyoljin bounik kole, “mi ano maiyek?” (nor for princes to ask “where is the drink?”)
ye kiriekchi maiyek (for after they are full of wine)
koutie ng’atutik ak ko ruai tabany (they forget the law)
inage maiyek, ne machei kolus (give strong drink to the one who is perishing)

makiguren alak kobot kemei (we do not call others in times of famine)
ama kiguuren alak kobot iwot (and do not call others in time of plenty)
chepkisas kotun kechamei (the one who is despised will be beloved)


kaigai kererutiet ne yaamat koboto kamuung’et (better a dry crust with peace)
kosiir got ne nyiitat igorta ak boriet (than a house full of feasting with strife)
istoi wolunet ne tala neregek, kimwa solomon (a gentle answer turn away wrath, so says solomon)
eh biit! (heed the words)
amelenji chitab kokwe’ “ui (do not say to your neighbor, “go)
asi iweege, si agonin mutai” (and come back tomorrow, i’ll give it to you”)
ak itinye kiy ne machei (when you already have what they need)

ngo am rubet bunyondeng’ung’, ibai (when your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat)
hiye hoh ye! x3
ngo am melel bunyondeng’ung’ inage bey (when your enemy is thirsty, give him water to drink)
hiye hoh ye! x3

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