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letra de missing e.t. - emmanuel yung


i miss tia
she sat with me at lunch
she was the peace
the calm in front of me
the calm before the storm
(folks know that i’m a lot)
don’t get wrong
she may be quiet
but that girl is strong

i pushed her, and she barked my head off
i went home shook, scared, and soft

how has it been seven years and i’m still trying to
replace you
with someone new
seven years you knew
me when i only had like three tattoos
now look
your husband a fool
sh-t i said husband
my bad
i’m just sad
projecting on a relationship
i’m wishing that we had
writing this
in the beamer
on the lot here at work

trying to keep my composure
so i don’t go berserk

i want to see you
but i don’t
i know what i put you through
don’t want you to feel provoked

sometimes i hope
that you’d jump me
run up with a surprise hug
while i’m walking 17th
in the sun with my dog

yeah, i finally did it
i had this pup for a bit

i’m at home now
and he’s sleeping right next
he might peek when i start record this script
but what would you expect from a pup that’s just a kid
come find me
look me up

i’d do it myself but i think i’ve done enough
this ain’t basketball but it’s all in your court

we could go skateboarding

we could go skateboarding

no really, we could go skateboarding by the sun set

we could hold hands

we could hold hands

no really, we could hold hands while skateboarding by the sun set

we could even kiss
we could even kiss

no really, we could even kiss after skateboarding by the sun set

we could

we could

i mean, we could cherish this moment of being together by the sun set

so close your eyes
where are we?

are we in tokyo
or still in calgary?

new zealand
the netherlands
thanks for not saying cali-

i just wanted you to know
that you’re the only girl
that i think is beautiful
by the sun set

i’m not joking
you know i love to pull your leg
the place i love to lay my head
to rest
have a snack
snacking on that nature’s zest

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