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letra de what will i remember? - emilie autumn


what will i remember?

what will i remember?
what will i forget?
when this life is ending, and gone
what will i regret?
if tomorrow i don’t wake up, what happens?
my sunrise, or sunset?

if i never were born
if i never died
would it even matter at all?
what should i decide?
i always imagined i’d mean something to someone
if i won’t, ‘least i tried

when my body suffers
when to breathe is pain
is it really madness to think…
think of breaking this chain?
is the future mine?
god knows i have a past
where’s my second chapter?
or will the first also be my last?

is my story over
if i fall asleep?
would anybody find me?
and would anybody weep?
i can’t even pretend i care
but songs i’ll never sing…
well that means something…
yes, that means something…

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