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letra de dont know why i love you - elric walker


like a jewel in the road
that’s been p-ssed by
like a bright star
shooting thru an empty sky

like a place in the world
that no one’s been
like daniel when he
walked into the lion’s den

i followed blind
while the light grew dim
you turned away from me
i saw you look at him

its like a dream
that just won’t come true
don’t know why i love you baby
i just do

well the thunder rolled
th-rny roses bloomed
rumors spread
like a wildfire thru the room

when you kissed me later
on the stairs outside
seemed we were outcast
no matter how we tried

as we ate the bread
and we drank the wine
you gave me your confidence
and i gave you mine

the harvest is great
but the workers few
don’t know why i love you baby
i just do …

now i’ve seen families broken
children go unfed
seen a strange darkness
growing under every bed

there’s people stranded
only yards from sh-r-
you can’t live peacefully
when your heart’s at war

hear the trumpets blow
hear the sirens moan
hear lonely voices
talking on the telephone

i waited here
all night for you

don’t know why i love you baby
i just do

there’s smoke in the hills
and the water’s calm
the birds are singing
night fades into the dawn

we’re just in love baby
it ain’t no crime
let’s cross that border now
while we still got the time

feel the chain break
feel the burden fall
the gate is open
there’s no watchman on the wall

the sky is red
and your eyes are blue
don’t know why i love you baby
i just do

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