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letra de spit it out - elijah kealy


[verse 1]
why’d you call if you don’t really wanna talk?
why’d you stay instead of driving off my block?
you’re the one who did all of this to yourself
but i’m pointing fingers at my own mental health

dug your way through my skull into my brain
you realize that there’s not much that has changed
felt your way through the darkness inside
until you got lost and you needed a guide
[verse 2]
by the way if you were asking, i’m fine
put years of pointless energy aside
i could’ve slept through it that whole f-cking time
now i’m tired every day and dawn, oh why?

dug your way into my instincts and change
what i believe to be love and hate
now i’m clueless to what i’m supposed to take
is it bitter love or just a really sh-tty taste?

[verse 3]
but i’ll spit it out
and i’ll try a new flavor
livin’ without would be a new behavior
a too bitter vow when you’re just a chaser
everything is spout, has a reason of a razer
i’m tied down but i will still face her
a smile is mine, i think it’s time to erase her
i am bound to my brain ’cause it’s safer
like a hound when i taste her i’ll save her
then spit it out