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letra de lucifer - elend


the brightest light in the sky
you’re the brightest light in my life
you’re the magic i see all around
you’re my last breath help in the dead man down

lucifer light
i see you’re beautifull
make me sing
i want to have all you got
i want it everything
i want to take
all of you into me
and make you free in sp-ce
i can feel
i feel the magic
the power
and i can see your magic
working in me
i need you so
i won’t let go

i need your magic in me
of the beast running wild and free in my mind
give me the night and day
the breath that make me wild and free
reigh on
reign on me
and let this people be roaming free of this
of this christian bullsh-t
christian regiem
with all thier religion and faith try to take the man out of

i’m not afraid what!
or ashamed to be just me
it anit no sin
to run free and think free
it aint now sin to be me
i want the light of the star in my eyes
fly through sp-ce eternal
i want to be like you my friend who can see his desigh
its his time
can’t let go
the wild i feel in my soul
the beast i feel in my soul
the wild
i’m wild!
and free!

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