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letra de real criminals - el sancho (ontario)


(verse 1)
it’s getting darker and harder to find the sunlight
gotta handle sh-t yourself if you want it done right
gotta take a stand that’ll last for more than one night
gotta hold a window to the horrors being unhyped
if you knew what was really up, you would have a fit
but they make it vanish as part of a simpe magic trick
i’m on some savage sh-t, still you see me looking down
on greedy motherf-ckers who wanted a fix and took an ounce
they’re bummy as h-ll and living on a budget
doing what they gotta do to stay hidden from the public
i heard how the get down and i do not love it
never been a skater but they all can pop-shove it
sequestered in their roach-infested ivory towers
until i see ’em paying for their sins, i’ll be sour
that’s why i wanna take matters into my own hands
the flames of the righteous will pander to no man

they ruin lives, all i do is ruin pockets
they’re still alive? somebody upstairs lost it
where the real criminals at? (now where they at?)
let’s hit the road, get to bringing ’em back (now where they at?)
we got everything we need except enough people
get with us, let’s go and fight the real evil
where the reall criminals at? (now where they at?)
let’s hit the road, get to bringing ’em back (now where they at?)
(verse 2)
i ain’t telling how to live, i ain’t the one for that
that sh-t from me would make less sense than mumble rap
but even i can;t deny that a line has been crossed
with any luck, only time has been lost
it ain’t a problem if you choose that it isn’t
here we come, mr. officer, to do what you didn’t
got a six-foot-deep restroom for the wicked
so they can lay low after wounds are inflicted
addicted to the payoffs, they roll with the chaos
a dozen greasy jungles congregating in the same spot
might as well free the prisoners and wipe it out
works for me, my mind ain’t got the slightest doubt
on some real sh-t, i can’t believe it’s come to this
but as good things come in threes, so does the number six
just when you’re thinking it can only be in other towns
a new public enemy rises, who wanna shut ’em down?


(verse 3)
see me, i’m walking, carrying this can of gas
so called authorities’ plan of action is standing back
all due respect, what kinda candy-ass plan is that?
makes you wonder where’s the cookie jar and where your hand is at
praying on innocence, that’s that sh-t i never liked
so it’s past time we had our very own devil’s night
we know where you stay at, we know what you work as
let our people go and get what’s coming to you dirtbags
no time left to scatter and get ghost
say goodnight and let the motherf-cking bed bugs roast
everybody’s long gone, demons trying to rebuild
the roof is on fire, here’s the ultimate cheap thrill
don’t try to act like a community wasn’t unleashed
5-0 was doing nothing, we came thru in the clutch in one week
and those who did the deed, f-ck ’em and let ’em bleed
anything goes, and if we’re lucky they’ll never breed