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letra de call and a cry - eight seconds


i heard the call-
it came from no direction
it came to me demanding my attention
now i’m not one to hold my tongue
but i froze still
as i found out the meaning and intention

somebody has made a promise
somebody has told a lie
this hour won’t last forever
the call and a cry

you heard the cry
and did not know what to do
face to face
and so untimely soon
back to the way things were
before you called out
don’t turn your back
the cry is coming for you

walking into the light
into a lonely star
the glow from afar-
life’s bitter (simple) end
what is the meaning?

oh, the final curtain
has me center stage
i look around me
am i in a cage?
no need to ask me why
the call and a cry

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