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letra de in the veins darker than black - edge of sanity


(…eye can see you) look into my eyes, what
do you see? i’m not man, i am no demon. i
color you red, my murder’s f-ckin’ art
son of the dead. i was never born. i send
you back to pre-birth. beyond this life
you shall dwell. i’m your f-ckin’ saviour
suffer my everlasting pain. don’t even
think about dying, you poor excuse of a
human being, in the veins of evil, black
blood flow eternally. this sabbath of
sickness; proves my soul’s bizarr. the
master of morbidity, my cuts don’t leave
scars. endless temptation to sicken the
blessed, i swallow your heart as i carve in
your flesh… in your flesh! born of the
dead, i am blasphemy. i’ll end your fanta-
sies, save you from mankind just like
lambs to the slaughter. god made you
blind, darker than black. i am the serpent
of eden… eden. i’ve tasted the herbs of
l-st and desire. i am no enemy, i drain
you of life and leave you in fire… fire. in
the veins.

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