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letra de think of her now [1955 version] - eddie noack


[verse 1]
now that your eyes aren’t dazed with power
she looks good to you
now your heart aches more each hour
she’s found someone new
you never thought of her
when you broke every vow
since you’ve got plenty time to think
think of her now

[piano solo]

[slide guitar solo]

[verse 2]
she still remembers things
that might have been the same as you
but she found someone like herself to love
so good and true
your past and future
both look so dark somehow
your light in blackest dreams is her
think of her now

[verse 3]
compare your worldly wealth
with all the things you had before
the love you traded was worth far more
than you bargained for
recalling love grown cold
has caused your head to bow
and though it hurts to think of her
you think of her now

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