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letra de the worm has turned - eddie noack


[verse 1]
you think that i’m so henpecked
do anything you say
when you say “frog”, i ask “how high?”
but gal, there’ll come a day
you’ll snap your fingers once too often
and it’s too late to learn
when you see your daddy honky-tonking
you’ll know the worm has turned

[guitar solo]

[verse 2]
you can lead a horse to water
but you can’t make him drink
you’ve hooked this worm too many times
but this time, i won’t sink
no need to get your dander up
to rant and rave and shout
good gal, this worm ain’t only turned
this worm turned inside out

[piano solo]

[verse 3]
you used to say such pretty things
before you said “i do”
but you stopped running when you caught the bus
and the bus and i stopped too
there’s lots of fish down in the sea
so if i don’t return
don’t jerk your line expecting me
them fish still love a worm
[slide guitar solo]

[verse 4]
go crying to your lady friends
say i whipped you black and blue
say you’ve been a loving wife
and wish you had been true
you said you’d knock some sense in me
and i guess i’ll finally learn
these knots you put on my bald head
good gal, the worm has turned

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