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letra de wishyouwerehere - ed. h.


that man ain’t fein no more
i kick him while he’s on the ground so i can hear him cry some more
everything fine before
you pulling up on my fam but you ain’t even got the drive or the license tho
whining like you in a quarterlife crisis so
let me catch you up to speed i’m beating this boy till he bleed

you work at walmart let’s go band for band
i’m out here stacking while you making plans with people that don’t really f-ck with you
if you at where i’m at then i’m ducking you

i feel bad for those people you hang out with, it’s just another group that you snuck into
put this sh-t on your polls to see if they give a f-ck but i’m sure they don’t consider to

i may be a jester, but this jester cry too
your profile pic animated, you like a cartoon
you still not in upper division, still got summer classes in june
talking bout confidence but you never getting play i can only assume

i may be a jester, but n0body f-ck with you
you said you dropped all of your friends but now your new ones drop you too
posting your feelings on instagram only time people respond when they view
talking your sh-t and you wonder why people ain’t getting you the rendezvous

man i feel bad for aiden gotta drive your ass to school every single day
you posting your work in the 180 class like you really thinkin that sh-t ok
you part korean but riding j-pan tryna be in rcta
you the type to get your food at dinner and yell out hip hip hooray
you’re 21 act like you’re 12
act like i took you to h-ll
i am only speaking facts
i do not cap like dixzell

i do not babysit, you need to call tristan
say you hate us but you here reminiscing
wish you were here, all the times that you missing
turn your sorry b-tch ass into tradition

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