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letra de 01. anxiety - ecstasy the arc


[verse: ecstasy the arc]
a lot of sh-t up on my mind
even though i try to hide it, i be smilin’ all the time
on a daily i be feelin’ like i’m dyin’ slowly
then i remember i gotta fulfil my purpose prolly
when i get the chance i’d show off hit it with a volley
and be frank but only answer when the money callin’
internet gangsters you n-ggas only f-ckin’ trollin’
how you gon’ get there, when you ain’t know where you really goin’
f-ck the flex, f-ck the ap and your fvcken rolex
only sh-t that matters be the lyrics and the way you flowin’
just gotta be dead before they wanna get applaudin’
sauce spillin’ everywhere we are be steady floodin’

anxiety …. x3
anxiety … yey…
anxiety …. x3
anxiety …