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letra de computers - dylonbangss


one time
i was on my computer
i was feeling like a loser
in my room that night
i know we all love our computers
we’re addicted to usernames and likes
at times
but, one day
we’ll be part computer
they’ll say its the future
and we’re wrong not right
that night
i saw a picture of her
hate what i uncovered
should of held my eyes tight

computer tell me something i don’t already know
computer show me someone i never met before

and one time
i remember this one time
maybe it was more like
2 times
4 times
thats life
inside a 64bit computer
it’ll save all your rumors and your lies you hide from
hard times
i remember those hard times
thinking about you at all times
though we’re miles apart
i know everyone loves their iphone
baby i’ll be there right on time not a moment after

i can’t seem to rationalize
was ostracized for all the time i spent with you
all the time was meant for you

i can’t seem to exercise
or dramatize all the lies i fed to you
all the lies i said to you

i can’t seem to actualize
or advertise all the love i had for you
all the trust i had in you

right now i feel paralyzed
my insides are dying to get next to you
trying to invest in you