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letra de dsu - dxr & vale-smith


i won’t do that sh-t, so fake (if you see ‘em)
sober i can’t talk to you

mad bout you and it made you rich
ima go ahead in a eighteen brick
why you confiscate that sh-t from me officer, you know what it is
ima go up, touch this sh-t like a deuce in a four, and her padre know what it is
ima go handle this sh-t like it’s blue trains, yeah, you know that sh-t what it is
can’t even flex
new hundred on me, but i got some keys and they peep with it
at the peep show mark and amy fighting for no sh-t, ya
ima go ahead, bubble up, i make you feel so sick, ya
if you ain’t twisted, yeah, that bubble tea here on my wrist, uh
me and our sisters they loaded up, uh, the subs thеy hit, ya
i don’t even know what i’m saying b-tch, got a bro and a lil sis, uh
i just be rapping for fun somеtimes, but b-tch i get it real quick
i just be blazing up, uh, yeah i’m smoking this

new fiji, ion need my quarter roll, yeah i’m up on this
i got new rovers, i got my wrist
boy he feeling so fine, yeah he flex up when he in the ritz
i just rolled up, got some swisher sweets b-tch
good bright, that see through
baby boy on this l!ck
how could i even reach you
you was out losing your quids, hey
call and i ain’t even seen you
baby boy bumping this
i got some bullets, hit you with some strays
them bullies get me, i don’t care, just pull my heart away
jelly, i get sick
where’s my peanut b-tter
need you snacking on me, i’m a gift
yeah i need that crunchy sh-t, yeah baby
i’m feeling lucky as i’m-
i go away
i led you astray
you led me astray
we pull each other apart
we’re going the wrong way
i had to cut you off
that was the first mistake
i kept you ‘round too long and now my heart it’s crying bae
maximum bid
now you can’t see me, i’m chilling, b-tch
need me a villain
can’t be a man, dwelling
that sh-t and i throw it away
i pop out i shoot at your children, uh, yeah
i’m flexing these millions
i whip up, i pop, and i get it, uh
like it’s silly rented
like i can not tell you the truth, but
baby you f-cking, so beat it
truthfully what i was doing was not popping, yeah i really was getting it
truthfully what i was doing was leading to you, it feel like addition
you didn’t understand that sh-t, i’m looking late
play you know the bait, but step out looking great
hop out with the juice, new stepper not ok
f-cked the with the freaks and sh-t, yeah i walk today

i feel like it’s no one that’s leaving me long
i feel like i’m stupid for leading you on
i’m sorry ameerah, but you not my own
i only got one allison, but she gon leave me lone

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