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letra de tallest height - dxntlxxkxtmx


[whisper track using my phone to record my voice and tv playing the instrumental]

clams casino – leaf www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wltdlf_j_s
dxntlxxkxtmx – tallest height

[0:00 intro]

[0:14 verse 1]
.. a circus act, come see and a man just try and stay alive
making plans to make some plans like they just not gone crash and die
up at night, breaking promises i never even mimed
wondering which building in my city has the tallest height
like… would i fly, would i cry, would i even do it right
thought about it bout ten times
oh my legs won’t quit shaking while im locked in on the ceiling
empty head frozen hands, sweaty feet feeling naked
out in public transparent i can’t stop screaming and raging
they like “that boy must have some problems” bottle shots takin’ aim i am
exerciiisin’, the sludge stuck in my mind, bridled guise
can’t survive, throwin up just from the thoughts of locking eyes
steal my soul, feel it thrive, under pressure, make it shine
make it what you think it is as long as you still think it’s mine
i know i control my sanctuary even when on fire
but sometimes the heat will leak so i truly apologize
[1:09 chorus 1]
… there’s no changing perception, overthinking overspeaking doubled over im stressing
puppeteering all my ghosts down in the gutter im guessing
that this time’s not gone be the time where they all come to their senses
… and there’s no blame in the lesson, stranded middle of the lake, splashing away the message
… splashing away the message, knife inside my life vest cuz i like to be tested

[1:35 verse 2]
i guess im like that, thinking that the fight inside myself should be contained
pouring gas onto the flame, make it last a few more days then wonder why i feel insane
in yet another manic phase that spirals off into a maze
im amazed that im here
… so just think in 10 years, i’ll have mental tenure
talking like ive been there, walking like ive been here
popping like i went clear, swagger level austere
switched a bottle with another bottle to. part. the seas
so dont worry bout me please, i have goals, ive been making
dont know how, but the hustles all to own a francis bacon
let me….. breathe…
i dont know…. channel patti smith i wanna be a show…
… memorize all the lives that ive wrote…
… add a spark to some drive, make it blow…
… break a vice, change a life watch it grow…

[2:30 chorus 2]
… to go and change some perceptions… exorcise the ghosts, clean out all the deception
gripping my synapses squeezing out all the acid
the spotlight so bright hands out touching these dirt walls for the exit
… no more attempts at impressions, i am who i am, thats no longer a question
… thats no longer a question … dxntlxxkxtmx, not a nuisance, incessant