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letra de 0 to 100 - dwnside


[verse 1: domzero]
young cats play the cappa donna they’d cap ya momma
straps in a back pack cause they trappin’ and couldn’t sell the product
game handed the hands of young prophet
i promise you vomit swallowing sh-t that they dropping
end of the f-ckin day its about making a profit
i stack the deposits, pull savings out the back of your pocket
anonymous hate that’s -ssigned to my page but the rhyming is great
i was about to say f-ck it but the timing is great
i almost hit her up but i got sh-t on my plate
no hoes is holding me back from the racks i’m trying to make
and you n-ggas don’t understand all the facts that i’m trying to state
asking that frank ocean whats a river to a lake
i’m that zodiac k!ller cam shadow f-cking hologram young kourasaki that’ll kamikaze your running man
collect my guapo mahalo to future models and future bottles i pop in the hard top while i’m pushing the throttle