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letra de dumbsnagger vs sesame street - extended dirty cut - dumbsnagger


from lindsay on cnn: dumbsnagger has officially released another reponse to tomato babies: “brit.”
in an interview with sesame street, the producer shows his thoughts on the diss track “someone needs to get into their recording studio and k!ll them n-ggas”
dumbsnagger claps back with a tweet’ saying “shut up, papa john ass boy.” the tweet recieved 569k likes in 4 minutes!
but that’s not all
sesame street said “don’t make me get out from behind the scenes, stupid n-gga” “dumbsnagger replies “bet. lets do a diss battle song together. wit yo sh-tty ass beats”
sesame street replied with “no, n-gga, dying bird ass n-gga, you worse than that sl-t lindsay”
dumbsnagger replied with “p-ssy”
dumbsnagger then called him a chicken, so they are making it

lindsay from cnn reporting:
the battle between “dumbsnagger” and producer “sesame street” has gotten heated!
sesame street has produced all of the dumbsnagger disstracks made by “tomato babies” and they are creating a rap battle, it will be performed live at the snaggerville rap house

the battle of the year
the battle of the year
everybody’s here
grandma’s drinking beer
don’t tell her to drive

[verse 1 – sesame street]
it’s me from, the street, not street mic, im the real og
i be like street but “open sesame”
came back from the dead, to chop dumbsnagger’s head
it’s a super showdown
caught grandma with her pants down
yo grandma keep your pants up
rhymes thicker than a nunchuck
cuz it’s sesame street vs dumbsnagger
who’s the one to get yeeted
who’s the one to get eated
it’s finna get heated
[verse 2 – dumbsnagger]
i’m holdin’ ya down, mafk’
yo… backstab style
yo track’s sh-t and bigger than bizarre’s belly
i’ll rape your mother-

[bridge – sesame street and lindsay from cnn]
lindsay: this is lindsay from cnn. dumbsnagger vs sesame street is being filmed live inside this building right now. and im going to bomb it. exterminate da ratz
hey sesame? wanna die!
sesame: uhh. no. but k!ll mr dumbsn-gger
sesame: yo i bet you a bbl i bet you a sl-t f-ck you ho
lindsay: that’s dishusting. bombing you both
-tomato babies watches bombing on tv-
-racoon, the man behind the rlbdab diss track “racoon” , who inspired dumbsnagger watches them explode live on air-
tb: oh my god… i didn’t mean for it to come to this

[verse 3 – lindsay from cnn/forgot about lindsay]
yo.. lindsay
they shut me down, but i’m coming back to town. it’s time for me to step in, yellow t–th like a simpson
b-tch, i’m on a mission
i’m lindsay, i ain’t never goin’ back to seeing men
yo, yeah, i’m cooling uncool n-gga’s tents c-nt-

[outro – raccon]
yo, i see you like toes, shouldn’t be on air go back to you and your hoes, commiting a bombing but ended up stopping to rap, wack rap thats cr-p, get off the crack

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