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letra de 2020 - drugbwoy


drugs hmmm
street or illegal drugs
and then maybe pharmaceuticals
it’s called drugs are bad

but drugs are everywhere and in lots of things
a drug
we have a very messed up
perception of drugs in the u.s


you was born in last place
you gon die in last place
and you smoking mid
b-tch don’t put that in my ashtray

i was tryna race with road runners
and got road rage
he know that’s his b-tch
but to me she just a throw away

had his b-tch all day
then gave her to reginae
broke boys wear gucci
so i gave my gucci belt away

rich hoes wear fendi
so i got on fendi
that n-gga broke
he don’t even got a twenty

of a xan in this nissan but it’s moving like a hemi
get yo mans cause he weird
and b-tch i don’t want him near me

(what the f-ck)