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letra de by truckers - the wig he made her wear - drive


“the wig he made her wear”

it was as open and shut as anything i have seen
he was a pillar of town, his reputation was clean
it was right before easter in the first week of spring

he didn’t show up for service that wednesday night
the congregation knew something weren’t right
blood on the bed when they opened the door
the preacher was dead on the bedroom floor

and everyone knew there had to be some outside thing
that made this happen
because they seemed like the perfect family

he’d been shot in the back a day before he was found
his wife and three kids were nowhere around
an amber alert was issued in town

everyone was shocked at the scene of the crime
she’d taken the kids across two state lines
found her in orange beach with the kids in the car
sent back to selmer to await her trial for first-degree murder

was she crazy or just plain old mean
to have gone and done it?
she said she heard the bang and was afraid he’d be mad
and made a run for it

said, they were having a fight and the gun was a bluff
she didn’t pull the trigger it just went off
said that he berated her about everything
made her do things that made her feel so ashamed

n-body at church would ever suspect
made her dress up sl-tty before they had s-x
in the courtroom that day there was an audible gasp
what they put up on display the locals couldn’t quite grasp

there was an audible gasp in the courtroom that day
when the defense pulled out and displayed

them high-heeled shoes and that wig he made her wear
reduced her charge to voluntary manslaughter
and i ain’t judging either way but she’s already out of jail
and it was them high-heeled shoes and that wig he made her wear