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letra de i feel the same - drexknot


i could really care less about fame
it will never heal my pain
i’m stuck in a cage cause i cannot be tame
your rhymes are weak you’re a lame
let’s be honest i feel the same
i feel the same
when i spit it
you know how i hit it
i hop over mc’s cause to me they are just small like a midget
you can stay mad call me a bigot
i don’t really care i am my own critic
you cannot mimic
i’m cold so i rhyme like a cynic
let’s be honest you’re not a good person admit it
your music is stupid
i’m starting to think love ain’t real so i’m beating up cupid
i got a lot of regrets
i wish i never made a bet
but now i’m coming to beat you like an abusive owner with a pet
the stage is set
now we will see who’s the best
i’m coming back for revenge
all my life i have spent
listening to your garbage
i got a gun to my head it ain’t a nerf
you see blood on your turf
i always knew i had a talent from the moment of birth
but no one believed in me even when i was hurt
but look at me now i got your face on a shirt
sometimes i feel like kurt

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