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letra de 04 discount - dredaprince


you wanna ride too
take a sip of my juice
these goofs be lames
couldn’t hang in my noose
dead gang paid if i ever get charged
xanax blunts got a n-gga on mars
anthrax dutch one touch
k!ll all
prescription f-ckin my alcohol
i can’t live worried bout aftermath
i live for p-ssin these b-st-rds off
see on my planet this cash is all
working and robbin to scratch the dog
lovin the high it can p-ss you all
chasin the sky it dont last too long
wit my past involved in all of my thoughts
ill break down
til i smoke gas and cough
i cry in my queens t-tties
dont need a pillow
cause her -ss is soft
forgive me my father
i been too quiet
you gave me these powers
to ash the lost
smoke the weeds in your gr-ss
my lord
i can’t wait til i p-ss to god
got potential to p-ss a god
a shot in the dark
like they blast rashad
i can not stop til i have it all
smokin and loao
(laughin our -sses off)

lil b-tch
quit wit your boasting
we around here
keeping quiet
sh-ts in motion
tryna get it up
spillin sauce in the ocean
took a couple losses
na im back on that poor sh-t
cuz now
now im broke again(ahhh)
now im broke again(uhh)
now im broke again(ahhh)
now im broke again(ayye)
noow im broke again(ahhh)
now im broke again(uhh)

maybe i should be more confident
flex on em
show them my dominance
talkin that sh-t that you wanna hear
have all the b-tches m-ssage my d-ck
my n-gga humpty
he fell off of a brick
n-ggas ridin wit him couldn’t do sh-t
i hate 2 faced n-ggas
but i love 2 faced b-tches
ima always bounce back
these walls do not crack
you pray for my downfall
i pray that you stack
i pray that you see
beyond it all
we are all that
the oppas need us
i ain’t got time to beef wit a sibling

i wanna f-ck up a million
thats just the way dat im feelin
i wanna f-ck up a million
me and my baby just chillin
i wanna f-ck up a million
thats just the way dat im feeling
get it we get it then spend it
oh sh-t forgot to go flip it