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letra de 0 a.m. - dreamsx


i appreciate ya’ll patience tonight
things take time so bare wit me
cupid clique rep
ness tripton, wuddup

ima knock you n-ggas down: dominos
with these lyrics i deliver hard: body blows
a picture is worth a thousand words
the frame is a million
and to all my high fans
ya’ll belong on the ceiling
my city is fed up with the feds
now we throwin’ roses on our mattress: flowerbeds
to set the mood for us just to be romantic
and yes i do spit asthma, but no need to panic
the clock doesn’t listen
so i don’t tell time
i live in it
and yes. i am an artist. i know when to draw the line
rap game sicker than the flu; no swine
the true king of the jungle
and i ain’t lion
and no, i don’t drink. so who’s buyin’?
cleaner than a soap opera
the act is like a heart attack, cus ima showstopper
i shine bright during the daytime
and i light the city during midnight
and ima ‘bout to do it big: overbite
you must be from fosters
cus your friends are imaginary
livin’ good and healthy
larry byrd n-gga. i’m legendary
and i’m servin’ you n-ggas, like a bunch of cashews
and i’m always gettin’ money
so i will out cash you
and even tho i’m in first
i will outlast you
the lights are low. she’s dimwitted
but her personality is bright
but she’s dim with it
poppin’ caps, like she pop pills
but that’s only her dream’s thrills
hopefully she’ll open up like a pair of gills
so look in the mirror
the picture is pretty revealing
ya’ll n-ggas goin’ bananas
this sh-t must be so appealing