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letra de 26 - drakmah


[verse 1]
we were two fragile and broken bones
worn out by the piercing stroking show
i don’t know which star has made us whole
first time in my life i knew true love

[verse 2]
we couldn’t have been closer
your wounds so fitted into mine
how fine we healed each other
but when a storm came to divide
i tried to keep my pieces
while you were dancing on a wire
i was afraid to lose me…
no matter what will take it

the sparkles in your eyes eclipse, you dim
the silence on your lips, another taste
my follies in the gust, all i can say
you turned into dust, i let you stray

[verse 3]
i broke myself to chase you
to bond your tiniest molecule
so we could be something new
it’s everything i’m craving for
how can i stop believing?
how can i give up all my hopes?
without you there’s no living
you’re my faith, religion and god
are we ever gonna make it?

i was so desperate, i’ve been in places i’ve never ever thought of
yet i found nothing but your atoms, and i couldn’t bond them
you were not the one i used to know, not anymore
i was afraid everything was done and dusted, but i couldn’t believe it
even if you told me that a million times and more, i still had hope
i clutched at straws, i couldn’t lose my faith, i couldn’t lose you forever
i’d have gone through h-ll and deny myself to get back the most precious thing i’ve ever had
i was chocking to the taste of my regrets, yet not once you wished to meet my eyes again
you felt hurt, you told me you didn’t love me anymore
but is it love, true love, if it has an end?
now i know why i was so scared to tell you my feelings, why i don’t want to love anyone anymore
love takes and doesn’t give back, love hurts, love didn’t bring you back to me