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letra de daily duppy - doroad




[verse 1]

im not – im not from east i always been poplar ive never been a beg friend
i had over a hundred fifty calls on the trap line and i used to text them
fans show me love when the see me on the trenches
fans show me love when they see me on the western
sh-t i said at the start of maths that i mented
bro did you hear that loud ass bang? (boom)
it was corn that we sended (boy boy)
when i done my man it was tremendous
i dont fell no remorse i just venting
when his mum saw it in me look horrendous
came up rough i was grafted in the ten bits
had a shorty so i got far for the tension
couple of times put a man in detention
tryna show man a lesson
more than a couple of times, way more than a couple
if you see me in the streets and i ain’t got my ting
they were having more than a scuffle
just cause i ain’t got my ting don’t mean
i got the fl!cks i’ll more than cut you
touch you with sweatings turn me a veteran from early
n-gga i’ll more than gut you (splash splash)
or i might switch it and give him a face shot (baw)
my first booting was a face shot (baw)
bro got nicked in a k-shop
ot trips pushing weight to the weight got a constant ting
this ain’t no day job, this ain’t no day job
i put n-ggas on and i take n-ggas off
why the f-ck n-ggas still getting laid off (free brody)
we bring enough talent out for the playoffs (it’s a talent show)
i got a girl telling me she wanna eat me after the rave locked (she’s a cannibal)
i met a ting with big bum and big tits but her face was like j dos (but she cannibal)
these girls are crazy, they’re telling their friends like it’s my word that they ate off (there’s some animals)
hey, what’s the angle, bro?
i heard them man try put a stunt, give the young boys the bang and go
when you squeeze, make sure the man go
make sure you aim for the mango
aim for the melon, banana clips will start raining the weapon mine i’ll move sky start aiming at my bredrin
two raps up and we fire on you (that we fire on you)
they believe what i’m saying and my rap’s just factual them man’s rap said it tightly too (brr paw)
there’s a different sound from the scopes on the yoppa n-gga i’ll nail it you (brr paw)
you heard a man there sent corn to my bredrin
n-gga, you better know we send it right back
why doroad always talk bout a mac? (why?)
cause we had it, that’s facts (that’s facts)
and they say why doroad always talk bout sten? (why?)
and then they named it ren (you did)
i get gas from way back then (back then)
i’ve been trapping from way back then (back then)
i’ve been swaping from way back then n-ggas may know these
i’ve done did me a shooting in my own car before i had the lotus (f-cking dummy)
and yeah, i might rap about it but i swear to you, i’m a f-cking donut (f-cking dummy)
i was ot making god disappear doing orcas pokes
i had a one cat, i put crack in his roll-ups
i had a one cat that can’t get born
i’m tight, kept jacking up with his groin it’s f-cking mad
and i got nitties that foil it (ahh)
i run with n-ggas that get money and in their index finger recoil it
if we ? it, we buying it
showtime big cars, we convoying it (nium)
if fes know there’s a real whap in one of these cars
there ain’t no toy in it (there ain’t no toy in it)

big whaps
f-cking dead

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