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letra de 004 freestyle - dopesmoothies


when the mourning comes
where u gonna run?
where ya eyes gon dry i’m the only one
and if i never see you again
i’ll prey my next high..
never leave
treat the pill like a leave even tho i know it ain’t tho
we all gonna grieve even tho we know we can’t go
back to the haps so we just head-back ona yak
tap, til our “strong” holds – artificial like jax
when mortals combat nature’s nature
and pray for run backs it’s make for hatred
and takes what’s sacred and make it basic
i’m taking day trips & chasing pavements
to land in j-pan with my toes in the sand
no plan just some dope on my hands
til you get disposed by the next episode
like man‚ she exposed you again ..d-mn
if i see my reflection might lose my sight
i know i need some direction‚ might lose my life
so imma take off on the coldest night
and pray the wind chill holds off the cobra bites
ya know to slow down the poison
wise man said the world builds or destroys em
least imma make it enjoyable
drugged up n-gg-s all thugged out & loyal
mud mouth n-gg-s all left out & spoiled
that’s why you’ll never get hot like foil
you n-gg-s gettin hit like dab oil
come near the bubble get boiled
come home rub kiloo in oil
put me a seed ina soil
look at the snakes all coiled
try to deebo me‚ please…
laser beam on yo knees
my pops was gone he ain’t have that talk with me