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letra de 02 how to run the gamut of emotion in one september weekend - doormin


one two three four five six seven

i hold you. you hold me
you ask me how i feel
i can’t answer
i’ve no words, i’m so happy
no anxious feelings anymore

i just feel elated

i won’t forget when you asked me
if i ever thought that i’d be here
i can’t say i have. it’s unreal
i’m so close to you
am i too close to you?

i hold on. you hold back
you detract, you leave
simply vanish
i’ve no words, i’m astonished
i cannot think anymore

how could i feel elated?

i won’t forget when i told you
how much fun i had being with you
all i got was “thanks” so despondently
i’m so confused
how could it all defuse?

no more than 24 hours after
i kissed you goodnight, you were with him
now i’m not mad, i don’t own you
just thought that maybe for more than just one night

i could feel elated

my only hope is he will make
you happier than i ever could
but if he can’t, it won’t matter
you’ll break his heart like mine

you don’t care