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letra de amina salima wangara - don santo


in the heart of africa, where the sun kisses the land
there resides a woman, mighty and grand
her name is amina salima w-ngara, you see
but to me, she’s the queen of all she surveys, royalty

in the soul of our home, a beacon of light
stands a woman of wisdom, our guiding light
amina, a teacher by trade
with love and laughter, her legacy’s made

with a whiteboard for a throne and books for her crown
she reigns over lessons, casting knowledge around
her students, like eagеr sponges, soak up her lore
for amina’s tеachings are worth so much more

but beyond the classroom, her realm does extend
to the kitchen, the garden, where her talents transcend
with a spatula in hand, she’s a culinary queen
her recipes, a masterpiece, fit for a magazine

with laughter as her scepter, she rules with grace
a smile on her lips, lighting up every sp-ce
in her embrace, troubles simply fade away
for amina’s love is a balm, come what may

a leader by nature, she guides with care
instilling values that we proudly wear
with each step we take, her footsteps we trace
for amina’s wisdom is our saving grace
so here’s to amina, our teacher, our guide
in her presence, life’s joys magnified
with a heart of gold and a spirit so bright
she’s the shining star in our darkest night

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