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letra de me again - dom kennedy


“me again”

with love in my heart
the lord told me wasn’t n-body else gonna do it for me
yea uhha

[verse 1:]
at 7 sharp i watched mom heat our dinners up
i used to wonder why she never eat dinner much
i hit my first dice game on some beginners luck
and ate good all week, meet the winners chump
we was wild in those days, we don’t sin as much
got a lot more going but we don’t grin as much
it’s still cops and robbers, but we don’t pretend as much
all that stimulus money and they don’t send as much
looking for a break but we don’t really bend as much
homes is going up and they don’t even lend us much
it’s still red and blue and they don’t really blending much
police try to break it up but they don’t end it much
tonight a young man was shot is what it ended up
so don’t tell me swine flu gone be the end of us
i believe god can see us before he send us up
and i don’t know about you but he made men of us

this is all on me
from the westside l-o-v-e (uh ha)
you may never see nothin like me (naw)
you might never hear nothin like me again (naw)
i’m back lookin like me again
tell them n-gg-s it’s me again
it’s me again [x2]

[verse 2:]
i used to pray my dad’s mom would always stay around
it’s long ten years since we laid it down
sometimes i p-ss by her buildin on my way through town
if i told her i was rappin it would have made her smile
to see me at 25 it would have made her, “wow”
wish i could write the songs then i could have made her now
i once told my pops that i hated school
he gave me 60 bucks a week and i made it through
i knew them books were half truths but i played it cool
then i planned the future, then i made it move
now the world goes where i tell it to
i’m just an example, that’s what i’m telling you
“from the westside with love” is what i’m mailing you
politicians should be -ssistin not failing you
so you can go around tryin to tell the truth
be careful who you tell it to


[dom preaches some advice]
my mind is the strongest muscle in my body, i can make anything happen. just gotta have a little love and dedication. give it some time to watch it grow. hard work can take you anywhere you want to go. if you don’t believe in nothing else you can bet on that. keep your head high and never look back. know there’s only one person that can stop you from getting what you want and that’s yourself. you just gotta push yourself to be the best and don’t worry about n-body else. remember there’s ain’t got nothing to do with yours. you hear me? you hear me?