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letra de home alone - dom kennedy


home alone

uh oh, uh uh oh. [4x]
call me when you home. i’ll be there soon.
and i got a couple things i’m tryna fit up in ya room.
like wall spread out, flexin ya lil bed out
turn you sideways, checkin ya lil head out.
i figure before i head out, we practice merlot and pour us a lil red out
roll up, blow us a lil set out.
“dom, where you at?” is what the text message read out.
she catch feelins like football.
but she bad to the foot, dawg.
so i let her p-ss like kush y’all.
i really wanna chill, but it’s too bad i gotta push.

i know you don’t wanna be alone (i really don’t wanna be alone) [2x]

i like toast in the mornin’ you need to know that incase you close in the mornin.
yeah. i might post in the mornin’
don’t do it like the movies get ghost in the mornin.
yeah, i’ma coast out floorin’
my 2 door coupe, in the most ralph lauren
i’m the most outstandin’, leimert park song baby don’t out-brand it
hottest n-gg- out baby, don’t start tannin’
you betta ya girl or she gon’ start fannin.
you already know who the man is
if not me ima be here standin’.

[chorus 4x]

uh, this that single
this that d-mn, i really miss that single.
lit i, ‘fo i be gettin rid i
hit homeruns you n-gg- be gettin’ stridikes.
og gucci jacket with the spizikes
cruisin down king
2 chains on my bizike.
got a joint, no lizight. sike
as i light my cloud, tryna get a girl to turn upside down
do a couple shows then go up 5thou.
they tell sign up, i be like sign down.
sh-t i got some cds i could sign right now
you don’t need his, you just got mine.
you don’t give head? i ain’t got time.
way out in sugarland b-tches bop dom
they said that my mission was impossible, i did it like time.
yeah, should you choose to accept
i won’t play games, that will lose your respect.
but when i’m done here i will move to the next.
so don’t say you ain’t knew what to expect.

[chorus 3x]