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letra de warrior - dj woool


yo, i was born and raised a brooklyn babe
amazed off ak’s, four pounds
bullet strays when they blaze
many days surviving the hoody ways
stick ’em up, free money for us was the goody days
punching n-ggas for nuttin’
to pretty-boy, bully face
joy ride in stolen cars
to car jack, pulley days
vehicle, etcetera, we stole it bro
lil n-ggas running wild, nah
really didn’t know the ropes
p-ssy, drunk off a 40 oz
a olde e, the all time classic
throwing up off a overdose
p o l o
boosting n-ggas rocking stolen clothes
or the steam team
thirsty for the american dream thing
i’m from the hood, homie
so i’ve seen things, and donе things
original rude boy from bk
running around on them gun thang
but you n-ggas ain’t about nuttin’
stop fronting
[chorus] x2
i was raised to bе a warrior
i fight better than…
i was raised to be a warrior
i fight better than jackie chang
gun game’s similar to bang-bang
gun game’s similar to bang-bang
jessie james

yo, brownsville, the worst part of new york city
in the projects where the hallway’s all sh-tty
crackheads, and the doorway’s all gritty
black kids get it on and they all biddy
little black chicks on the halls training they all pretty
little gully n-ggas big chains rocking new york fitties
dkny, to timberland boot rockers
thick big booty chick boot knockers
cl!ck-cl!ck, when it’s me, yeah the true shotters
we sick-sick, yeah the home where we shot coppers
true prophets predict the future, so you stop it
rolling with k!llers, drug dealers, and a few rastas
couple of thug n-ggas calling the true posters
penitentiary gangsters, yeah the new mobsters
drug smuggling, what it is, yo it’s a new options
i’m gon’ thru my closet, it’s time for some new shopping
[chorus] x2

yo, somehow the rap game remind me of the wack game
some of y’all n-ggas is p-ssy
and that’s a fact, man
chickenheads gobbling d-ck like a pac-man
so i nicknamed the pack pound
i did a couple of years in the pen
for carrying the gat, man
staying out of jail, that’s the plan
ex amount of cash in the hand, that’s the plan
money in the bank, that’s the plan
but for now we run around with marijuana stashed in the van
i wanna run around with credit cards, plastic can
black cars, fantastic four, the plastic man
do 25 billion on it sound drastic, man?
nah, get it how you live
do it like n0body ever did it where you live
then you spend it on the kids
bugatti, d&g, but spend it on your wiz
wifey’s, mistresses, it is what it is

[chorus] x2