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cheeze dope - dj squeeky


[verse 1: lil irving]
8 o’clock in the morning, waking up, trying make a sell
get my sh-t, [?] on a hoe, police won’t try to take the tale
[?], while i’m [?], selling n-gga from the black
[?], kickin it back with my n-ggas, squeek and zirk and [?]
they ask where the f-ck i’ve been, the glock is pressin’ this f-ckin’
cheeze dope in the motherf-ckin’ hole, put it [?]
all the smokers quarter ounce, n-gga [?] swish and sweeps
gotta be on the level when the other n-gga hit the streets
[?] the sh-t thats goin on, a n-gga can’t be a [?] fool
[?] on my d-ck, wait for somebody take it through the school
f-ck that fool sh-t [?], b-tch
wait for a n-gga to f-ck up [?] the trigga on my [?]
i’m only just for [?] again, i hope i don’t have [?]
but if i do, the paramedics gonna have to come bring
a body bag in [?] this [?] f-g and go
cause’ all the n-gga need a cheeze dope and a motherf-ckin hoe

[verse 2: dj zirk]
don’t f-ck with this [?] like a mac
[?] with the strut, with two b-tches on my back
down with this sh-t, cause this cl!ck is just too thick
im stacking up some tricks that these bustas just can’t f-ck with
riddin’ in my shevy thing, n-gga straight, [?]
smokin’, swishin, sweep, hit the tail with these b-tches mane
hands on my glock, as i poppin’ these bustas
cause trick i neva loved ya, and nig i neva trust ya
you say you just don’t hear me though
robbin in the 9′ fo
n-ggas [?] yo gat, cl!ck-cl!ck-cl!ck, rat-tat-tat-tat
[?], blow a n-ggas ass up
dumpin’ em in my trunk, [?], then i [?] out
kickin down yo door with a [?], to yo hoe
these b-tches just don’t know, that we robbin in the [?]
so [?] that sh-t, im failing to get rich
im down about my pimpin, cause life is just a b-tch
[verse 3: buckshotz]
standin on the track, watchin my back, counting my stack
cuttin yo cumbers, lookin for [?]
have a taste from this crack
now i know this dope is [?], strap with a gat
the dope brings the cheeze, and the cheeze brings the hood
[?] ass, bustas with their [?]
but i don’t give a f-ck because i got that [?]
i’m just another amateur who says f-ck the [?]
i could rip up, [?] strut, like the predator
but [?] hard from the memphis [?]
dropping bombs on these fools in this country vietnam
they ain’t the [?] i can’t swerve on the spot i can’t serve, [?]
one of these n-ggas don’t like it, then i have to get my murder on this road low, [?] low, motherf-ckers hoe low
lemme k!llin this jockey f-ck this cheeze, i’m [?]
[?] tear me up, and get more dope
these b-tches aren’t playing broke, so motherf-cker [?]

[verse 4: al kapone]
so n-ggas they lookin for the [?] im looking for the [?] cheeze
[?] b-tch, drop me out some [?] cheeze
i have some [ammo?] in my glock, call my n-ggas gotta make a [?] look like a stang
[?], [?] sticks and straight outta south, memphis mane
now its [on?] now, p-ss [?]
its a f-ckin thunder, drive my stash and stuff, they shot my [?]
up, runnin [?] im catchin a monkey [?]
monkey drop, [talkin ’bout me?], [?] off yo ass
im the black robin hood, robbin the rich, from the [?]
a couple of cheeze, and a couple of seconds
lookin for the [?] mane, gotta get an ounce
so me and my dolls can celebrate [?] cheeze dope [?]
in 94′, all my n-ggas [?] f-ck this dope
then after trash cheeze dope and a motherf-ckin hoe



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