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letra de welcome to my world - dj luke nasty


yuh, wait
what time is it?
the back end good so its go time
they don’t know they songs but they know mine
so why the the f-ck such such getting more time
back when ol’ girl wanted more time but my dumb ass kept telling more lies
but she rolled with a n-gga through the whole ride till’ the wheel fell off on both sides
i did (?) both times
i done did penthouses and ghost rides
i ain’t take that b-tch yet to the slow grind, but sometimes i wish i did no lie, why?
cuz i gotta get it cuz i’m tired of stressin
i hope that they listen cuz i got a message
they love when i sample, they hate when i sample
they cease-and-desist me to make an example
that sh-t be a gable, and court be a battle
cuz they want the biggest piece of the pie
like i wasn’t one of the reasons it popped
all of the meetings and i get the slops, when will it stop? sh-t, i know what you thinking ‘just make your own sh-t n-gga, you can make your own hits n-gga.’
i did, but y’all never listen on beats on tracks a n-gga be venting bout’ all of my problems and selfish decisions
whether to storm through several conditions
makin this music you know i’m committed
i stay on the road, i think i’m addicted