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letra de mordum – dj bless a.k.a. sutter kain


[verse 1]
yeah, jao
give me the gun
so i can load up, n-gg-
when i finish
your body gonna hold up, n-gg-
i’m a monster
you’re b-tch
and i live for the drama
motherf-cker you’re snitch
throw in a tub of acid
not average
i’m laughin’
when your f-ckin’ skin detachin’
and i’m blastin’ magnums with a p-ssion
magnum on my d-ck
when you b-tch
i’m smashin’
i’m like f-ck the world
i’m like f-ck your girl
shoot c-m in her throat till she earl
real crazy
raw dog shade
and when the b-tch pregnant
i’m k!llin’ of the baby
i’m not new to this
man, i’m used to this
she act stupid
then i’m cuttin’ out uterus
cuz i’m an og
hey if you can blow me
and if i ain’t cuttin’
then i’m shootin’ out her ovaries

[verse 2]