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letra de remnants of serenity - disguised malignance


fulfilling my needs
by bathing in humanoid spirit afficition
our species experiencing
a malignat putrefaction
i don’t feel compassion
to your – centered mind position
there’s more to this world
that what is seen
in your narrow conception

enter the state of awakening
embrace the origin of life
let go of your previous suffering
disenthral as you die

see yourformer self burning
forsake the sphere of lies
feel the perceptions turning
we are one with the skies
we will be now returning
to a world beyond their eyes
you will perceive and see the –
malignance once disguised

man will always devour
that which he was blessed with
at every turn, until he is left
with just the remnants of serenity
molded to the desires
of greedy onse in lead
while they strive for advantage
their innocent servants bleed
serenity is but a
unachievable dream
due to ourselves, on this earth
no one can hear you scream

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