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letra de 2019 freestyle (fest. nba shawarma & kfc) - dirty shoelace


you need your id to hope on shoelace, 16+ i don’t want no case

[dirty shoelace]

i hop on the beat
your pimp lookin disabled

she calls me daddy
i don’t know her mother
i be rocking kappa
f-cking michele obama
i have gas, i don’t see you
i have racks, on my block – vietnam flashbacks

aye b-tch, i pull up to your block
your b-tches, all jumped on my c-ck
where’s my bag b-tch? i pull out my glock

[nba shawarma]

i cough in my bed cause i only wear ice
my mom bringing lean, and i’m playing vice
destroying your squad, but i don’t mean fortnite
we don’t give a f-ck about lames who are hating


shawties on the bags, we don’t play for coins
going up step by step, rack after rack
f-ckboy, or a lame, all of that doesn’t matter
you can’t stop us, we are flying like a rocket

[dirty shoelace]

you need an id to hop on shoelace
16+, i don’t want no case
i’m like bruce lee, i got luis kimono
bricks in the car, i sell gas


hand me the microphone, i’m bout to give you heat
you don’t listen to my trap, you don’t know sh-t
you don’t listen to my trap, where’s your gang sh-t?
i’m hopping on the block, to all shawties — shout-out

walking on the block, homies cooking dope
for every single hoe, i got condom
we are going sonic speed, we can’t wait
sorry jit, you are late