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letra de keep the clubs swingin' (#obeezy | dr. dre remix) - diran lyons


[intro: dre/obama]
dre: thank
obama: golf
dre: it’s friday

krs one: buck, buck, buck, buck, booyakasha! (repeat 4x)
obama: keep the clubs swingin’ (repeat 2x)
megyn kelly: bomb (repeat 9x)

megyn kelly: hey you, sittin’ over there
obama: say what?
megyn kelly: you better get up out of your chair
obama: that’s right
megyn kelly: and work your body down
obama: yeahhh…
megyn kelly: no time to funk around, ’cause we gon…

[verse: obama]
golf, you, right on up
so get up, let me hear you shout, and get your drivers out
it’s the o-b-z, the golf master
drop a dirty birdie then laugh at your disaster
as i drain another put on the green
i leave a blood stained middle east terrain
just chill. listen to the muslims squeal
keepin’ it real at another fundraising meal
still, terrorists try to k!ll at will
but get crushed, pure and simple. do you hear me isil?
i’ll wipe you (expletive) off the face of the earth
’cause i’m a bad (expletive), i bomb caves like clockwork
obeezy obama, i’m known to drone drama
the enforcer, but bush taught me how to torture
turn a peace prize to a drone attack
just ask those kids in syria and iraq
hillary’s got my back, so shut your faces
(hillary) what difference does it make? let’s bomb these places
so check it out: women and children screaming
it’s the o-b-z, keep the motherf(expletive)in’ clubs swingin’

megyn kelly: bomb (repeat 9x)
obama: keep the clubs swingin’

megyn kelly: if you want to get on down, you gotta get on down
just get on down, oh…

[outro: obama/dre]
i know you’re bobbin’ your head (2x)
’cause i can see you
you can’t see me!
uh, yeah