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letra de gay country boy freestyle - digbar


this is the country boy g-y n-gga freestyle
i’ve never really did one of these before
and never even spoken my country accent
so, um, this is gonna be so new i’ma try
and i don’t really know how it’s gonna go, but
since i’m rapping about big booty men, it should go pretty well

his booty fallin’ side to side, i hop up on it for a ride
i take his booty, now it’s mine, i eat his ass like apple pie
i hop up on his jimmy, i be riding like a tractor
i f-ck n-ggas, i don’t like f-ckin’ crackers
hand full of b-lls and a mouth full of tobacco
country digbar is your new favorite rapper (ayy)
digbar, i’m playing with his d-ck like a guitar
saw his little booty, now his d-ck hard
triеd to run but you won’t get far
you won’t get far
get ovеr here n-gga, toot that ass up
boys stop running, i’m the booty-hole master
he’s pretty fast but digbar is faster
when i get his booty, it’s gon’ be a disaster
it’s the g-y country boy freestyle
it’s the g-y country boy freestyle
hey tyrone, come listen to this next part (it’s the g-y country boy freestyle)
come listen to this
ay, he throw it back like a boomerang
let me see that w-nk it
booty lookin’ good, i might slide in with my panky
f-cked ’em good on the farm so he shook my hand and thank me
gave me flashbacks of my dad when he took his hand and spanked me
it’s too loud, we might wake up the neighbours
i ain’t got no neighbours, i got 63 acres full o’ land
just me and my man
hit him from the back with my saddle in my hand
hand high in the sky
f-ckin’ on my guy
i might bust a f-ckin’ load up on his eye
pipin’ on his booty, i think i’ma make him cry
then we wake up in the mornin’
d-ck f-cked me up, i can’t even feel my organs
(man, that d-ck was good, man)
this the country boy freestyle
this the g-y country boy freestyle
this is the g-y country boy freestyle, tell em’ (ayy)
this the g-y, it’s the f-ckin’ country boy freestyle
ay, country boy freestyle
this the g-y, this the g-y country boy freestyle
(sing along now! sing along with me!)
this the g-y country boy freestyle
i want you to grab your n-gga’s booty
and i want you to start singing this song!
this the g-y country boy freestyle
yeehaw! i blew up with a song rappin’ ’bout three b-lls
nut up in my eyes, i can’t even see y’all
now i’m on a country song saying, “yeehaw”
yeehaw, n-gga

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