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letra de from the used bin - diesel boy


i once snorted cocaine
off of gwen stefani’s -ss
i used to ride around in limousines
and flash my backstage p-ss
i hung out at the viper room
with manson and dave grohl
i took x with billy corgan
partied down with courtney’s hole
did yoga with madonna, smoked blunts with odb
i rescued some tibetans with the boys beastie
is this thing on?
hey hey check check
i once opened up for beck
and everyone from sea to shining sea
knew my face when i got on mtv
i used to pose for paparazzo
with alanis on my arm

i seduced this gorgeous model chick
with my fame and not my charm
i headlined last years lilith fair
just me and my br-ssiere
sang songs for sweaty college girls
spin’s artist of the year
i even wrote a song with that guy from the fugees
got doper rhymes than master p
i went cruising with dr. dre
he tried to kiss me- thought i was gay
and everyone from detroit to yellowstone
knew my face from the cover of rolling stone
i never thought it would end like this
people act like i don’t exist
i went from a-list to blacklist
just another casualty
another answer on jeopardy!

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