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letra de mourning - dieagnostic


(it doesn’t matter anymore)

force fed and forced out
blood red and dry-mouthed
hate filled and death cold
love k!lled and soul sold

f-cked up on your lies
can’t think, why even try?
don’t bother me anymore
life numb and bones sore

(i am nothing)
treat me with disregard
the humanity spills from me so very fast
just keep on kicking me
this chance to sh-t on me might be your last

tripped up and pulled down
care lost and escape found
passed up and left behind
lost my heart and my…mind

white light, white light
nowhere to be seen
did i cross the threshold?
what did this all mean?
break it, leave it, lose it, love it
try it, hate it, k!ll it, f-ck it

f-ck it

scr-ped up, unidentified
no one pays attention anymore
when will i ever be satisfied?
when will life stop being a chore?

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