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letra de 00 - diceboi berra


they watch a n-gg-
like osama man
foreign exchange weed aladdin
real brownsvillain try ta understand
on a camel trail straight to saudi land
pull up in that magic carpet wit ya jasmine
she keep the kitty wet threw the desert sand
call me mr d-ck from the motherland
get to clap’n on that p-ssy
like a drummer dem hot dam

p-ss that weed with the left hand
rip to ya yes man
get your mind right
or you could left fam
head crack feel the kick back
bang bang
be the same p-ssy missing
on a milk can
hitter somewhere in brooklyn
or he chillin overseas
in the west indies
tryna get some curry goat girl
don’t be slow

aye back up man you way too close
p swayzi baby don’t get ghost
play talk that sh-t
we throw them bows

yeh yeh yeh

run me that p-ssy
{that gushy}
ew ew ew ew
thumb in ya booty
{that ew we}
oh oh oh oh
swallow that whole d-ck
{that whole sh-t}
aye aye aye aye
splash drop emoji
{splash splash}
got that right

p-ssy squirt’n
man at home he hurt’n
east coast lurkin
daytona still swerving
measure up to me cheri
he couldn’t hold a candle
but you not know my name
like a keys on that piano
that’s right
duck tape that handle
snubby tucked like a banjo
in no hoe go commando
but yo hoe i command doe

i cush o’s then sip slow
pimp stroll brim low
sip mo then chief 0’s
till mack 5 my tempo

mojo strong i’mma hugo boss
glock 9 safety off
fan dem off wit ya b-mba cloth
loud talk show you baby soft
oh so in my groove bish
only thing i can’t stand
when these hoes got stories for days
“like that one time @ band camp”
savage throat had her pogo flow
up the pole down the pole
toes curled p-ssy drip’n slow
had to lick it tup
sloppy joe

dapper dab’n
up n down manhatty
somali pappi
i am the cappy
that hash daddy
pluggy arabi
money buff off them buff baggies

flying high dem jet laggy
fat stacks youz a little flabby
maury flow i declare sadly
no olsen twins can’t match me ashley
sir wavey like max b
surf your city threw shark week
riding dirty in the back seat
miss daisy b-tch you chauffeur me