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letra de far too witchy - diane cluck


people say she’s far too witchy—
growin’ a bean vine, stringin’ a clothesline
‘wonder who’s she? go have a look-see
sunnin’ her behind out in the sunshine

she grows mad hair, no man goes there
well, i saw one go—he di’n’t come back, though!
oh! she don’t need them? maybe she eat them!
what’s with these folks’ gossip & mean jokes?

she gonna gitcha, better run right by
her kind are no good and at night they fly
i seen her dancin’ under big dark sky
when there’s ripe moon
she wails her tune
i seen her sweepin’ with her riding broom

people say she’s far too witchy—
kn-bby knees & hanky-sneezes
‘wonder who’s she? go have a look-see
talkin’ to trees and sniffin’ at breezes

she got no phone, she lives alone
rich & crazy or poor & lazy?
she’s kickin’ a stone, she’s pickin’ a bone
what’s with her, y’all? ‘sticks in my craw!
she got no car, that witch fly far
she takes the bus—don’t make a fuss!
she’s a renter—’wonder who sent her?
‘wasn’t me, no, she’s doin’ no harm, though…

people say she’s far too witchy—