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letra de ​​tiny ass jeans big guns - diamondsonmydick


(all i see is red)
phew, phew
ayy, b-tch, yeah

[verse 1]
go [?] spin the block
juiced up blood tears, f-ckin’ blue all my gwap
tiny jeans, got the nikes, i need blood on the rocks
countin’ up, juiced up, hangin’ out the droptop
blood diamonds, i got blood on the rocks
pretty boy demon d-ck made her shed teardrops
yeah, b-tch, got to flex, let’s rock
link up, that’s no prob
gucci down to the socks, b-tch
b-tch, i’m too juiced up
pour red in my cup
glock got monkey nuts
walk ’em down, shoot ’em up [?]
caught your ass f-cked up, now your ass in this blunt

ayy, b-tch
phew, phew (bloodrayne boys)
yeah, ayy, woah, ayy
[verse 2]
b-tch, i’m too powered up
b-tch, i’m too juiced up, ayy
got red in my cup, ayy
all black air force 1’s
all red air force 1’s
tiny ass jеans, big guns
pretty boy shoppin’ spree, b-tch, we got big funds
lookin’ like thе walking dead stepping in the function
n-gga, never trust a b-tch, that’s how you get set up
n-gga way too greedy, now your ass wet up
slidin’ on the homie truck, mookie pull the vette up, ayy (vampire gang)

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